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Dear Friends,
Long time no see, here is a short update on the nuclear free flotilla front. Our friends in the nuclear industry are still trying to push their product in the form of MOX plutonium fuel down the treats of unsuspecting power consumers worldwide.

At the moment a shipment of MOX plutonium is getting underway from Cherbourg France heading for Charleston on the east coast of the USA. The nuclear free flotilla people in France, Ireland and to a smaller extent in the USA did some really good on the water campaign work against this shipment late last year when the raw weapons grade plutonium was shipped from the US to France, since then it has been changed into MOX fuel in France, and now it they want to ship it back to The USA again, on the same 2 British Nuclear fuel ships that some of us had dealing dealings whit in the past, the Pacific Teal and the Pacific Pinteal.

Again there will be some protest actions in France and in the USA to highlight the fact that these shipments are taking place.

So we have not totally stopped the nuclear industry in its tracks yet, although there have been no more MOX shipments to France since our last outing into the Tasman in 2002.

Please see below for some updates on current developments in France and the USA and a note from the strong Irish sea flotilla people.

On the personal front, Yours truly is having a great summer season sailing around in the NZ Sub Antarctic islands for DOC, a bit of a draft here and there to keep us on our toes, but all is well whit the good ship Tiama and its crew.

Hope your all well and happy, it would be good to hear from you,

All the best wishes