Nuclear Free Seas Floatilla 2002

Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla

Nuclear Free Seas Floatilla 2002
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Tiama and Antartica 'Close the nuclear highway' banner
Tiama and Antarctica sail by Lord Howe Island in the Tasman Sea, February 23, on their way to international waters to bear witness to the plutonium shipments.
© Greeenpeace/Haazen
250 nautical miles east of Lord Howe island the yachts of the Nuclear Free Tasman flotilla unfurled a 40 metre banner today to protest at the use of the Tasman Sea as a nuclear transport route for Japanese plutonium shipments. A plutonium ship is due to pass through here later this week.
© Greenpeace/ Grace
The flotilla lines up Tiama with banner
Skipper, Henk Haazen, and crew aboard Tiama- one of the yachts in the Nuclear Free Tasman Flotilla which today demanded that the Tasman Sea be closed as a nuclear highway for plutonium shipments. © Greenpeace/ Grace
Tasman Sea, Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla, in the "rendezvous zone" between Australia's EEZs off Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands.
Seven yachts from Australia and New Zealand are protesting the transport of Mixed Oxide plutonium fuel through the waters of the Tasman Sea.
Picture shows six of seven yachts participating in the flotilla.
© Greenpeace/ Grace
Picture shows yacht Antarctica and the banner being towed by yacht Tiama (out of shot). Person on banner is Carmen Gravatt, crew member of Tiama, and originally from New Zealand.
© Greenpeace/ Grace
Pacific Pintail off the Tasmanian coast Tiama towing banner
One of the plutonium ships, Pacific Pintail, spotted off the Tasmanian coast on 1 March, 2001.
© Greenpeace/ Brewster

Tiama Crew towing the "Close the Nuclear Highway Banner"
Tiama Pacific Teal

Lord Howe residents get together to support the Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla.


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