Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla 2002

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TuscairPaul Barrett
Staysail Ketch
Steel and Teak
Paul Barrett

Paul Barrett

Paul Barrett was born in 1954 in Dublin, Ireland, and was a successful Record Producer, Composer, and Musician until he retired from that business, in 1997, to the more outdoor life of sail training.

Since then he has taught people to sail aboard Tuscair, a 48ft Endurance staysail ketch designed by Peter Ibold. Tuscair has sailed mostly Irish and UK waters, with at least one transatlantic voyage to her name, albeit before Paul bought her.

Like most sailors, Paul has learnt to respect the sea and the weather. He not only recognises it as being a tremendous amenity for sporting and leisure activities, but also as an environment that can support many people making their livelihoods from it, were it to be managed and harvested in a sustainable manner. Paul has made many friends in the fishing community, and he wonders as to the ethics of marketing marine life harvested from the most radioactive sea in the world.

There is only one reason why the Irish Sea and the St. Georges Channel is in such a toxic condition; that is Sellafield.

"It is utterly frustrating to have to live for so long between the lies, corruption, and falsification of the British Government concerning Sellafield, and the meek inactivity and ineptitude of the Irish Government. The people of Ireland have spoken up often enough, only to be ignored by both governments. These flotilla protests will hopefully re-kindle some passionate objections to this style of so-called leadership."

The insidious and constant threat to the citizens of both islands is matched only by the very real danger of catastrophe through either human error, or terrorist attack. However, the real terrorism is the one we have to deal with every day; perpetrated against the people of both Ireland and Britain by BNFL, and its cynical regulation by the British government.