Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla 2002
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OviriRoberto Abel Rocca
Roberto Abel Rocca
Ushuaia, Argentina

Roberto Abel Rocca

Roberto Rocca was born in Miramar, on the Atlantic coast of Argentina. This is one of the reasons why, he has always felt true passion for the sea. Since 1995 he has been the owner of the sailing vessel Oviri. Oviri was built by Hugues Delignieres in La Rochelle, France approximately 18 years ago. Roberto has lived on board the boat since he bought her. He considers her the best place to live.

He is openly opposed to the plutonium shipment through the Cape Horn region because he is conscious of the delicate balance required to preserve the environment. "One of the main reasons for my involvement is that even if there are only a few of us living in this part of the world we are well aware of what a danger this shipment is in an area which, at the moment, it is completely clean and without pollution. So we must try to avoid anything that can put this place at risk", he explains.

Roberto has lived and worked as a carpenter in Argentina. In 1969 he visited Ushuaia for the first time. He was immediately captivated by the place and promised himself that he would return. When the opportunity arose sixteen years ago, he returned to the world's most southern city and has lived there ever since.

"I believe each country must take charge of its nuclear waste, they must also be responsible for any reprocessing of it, but of course, the world does not work like that. Sailing such extremely dangerous nuclear material from one place to another, should not be allowed. All these technological advances do not represent progress but demonstrate an enormous step backwards."