Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla 2002
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Bernard and Nadine Kuczera
1.6m / 3.6m with centreboard
Bernard & Nadine Kuczera
Bernard Kuczera
Opua, Bay of Islands, NZ

Bernard Kuczera

Nadine Kuczera

NANU is a 60 tonne steel ketch that was built in NZ - Waipapa, Bay of Islands between 1992-96 by Bernard Kuczera, sponsored by his partner Nadine and children, Sofia and Sylvan on a very limited budget.

After it was launched, Nanu's maiden trip was to New Caledonia and Vanuatu in 1998. In May 1999 she sailed to South America via Austral Islands, Gambier, Pitcairn, Easter Island, Robinson Crusoe & Chile (met Tiama on the middle of the Pacific) She cruised the Patagonia Channels as far as Laguna San Rafael and returned to New Zealand by a similar route in November 2000.

Bernard Kuczera

Born in Zory, Poland, Bernard was a mechanical engineer with 10 years experience as transport manager in coal mine Jastrzebie in the southern part of Silesia. He built one of the first private sailing boats in Poland -- the 53 foot steel ketch 'Czarny Diament' , 650 kilometres from the Baltic Sea.

He sailed out of Poland in 1978 with a strong easterly wind, through the Iron Curtain.

It took him seven years and 50,000 miles to sail around the world. In Brisbane in 1983, he met Nadine. This changed their destiny.

Together in Durban, South Africa, they built their first home - a 55-foot steel sloop called "Nanou".

They married in France in 1987, between sandblasting and painting, then joined the "first fleet" re-enactment in the Bicentennial Tall Ship race to Australia.

They arrived in Sydney as one of the last boats in the fleet but received the first prize: a daughter Sofia who was born in Mackay in 1988.

'Nanou' was sold in Sydney and the family moved to the 34-foot sailing boat 'Orca' and started new projects; the 84-foot steel ketch 'Nanu' as well as a son, Sylvan. Nanu was launched at the Waipapa Landing, June 1996 and the family moved on board to build the interior.

Nadine Kuczera

Nadine was born in France in 1962, her parents from Vietnam and Tunisia. She travelled as a child to visit family in Vietnam (war time ) and New Caledonia. She realised early that life was better in some countries than others and she says, "one needs to act when things are not right"

Nadine wanted to travel so took one year off from her social sciences studies to travel the world at 19 years old. She discovered sailing. Her first trip was on a 30-footer classic "Cooee" -- a New Zealand boat sailing from New Caledonia to Australia.

Nadine has worked in marketing, the hotel industry and in childhood education when in need of a change, work or a new learning adventure.

"I think the consequences of an accident would be irreversibly disastrous. The whole process of the nuclear energy creates an intolerable quantity of waste that is not catered for safely.

"Our reason for joining the flotilla is that, in the case of an accident the plutonium ship crossing the Tasman Sea threatens our lifestyle and our children."
Australia: Carolin Wenzel 02 9263 0358 or 0417668957
New Zealand: Pia Mancia 021-799 661
Ireland: Ron van der Horst mobile: ++353 404 47134, ++353 86 6055661
Argentina: Pascal Grinberg mobile: ++54- 2901-561080, Olivier Pauffin: ++54 2901 432596
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