Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla 2002
Rig Type
MoontideRoss Barnett
shoal draft with semi traditional keel
built by John Arends and designed by Ron Swanson
Ross Barnett

Ross Barnett

Moontide is a 34' 'Arends' class of F.G. construction, sloop rigged, 6 tonne sailing boat, designed by Ron Swanson and built at Woy Woy, NSW by John Arends. John built about 52 of these boats and ours is number 50. She is shoal draft with a semi traditional keel, built more for coastal work but several have cruised the Pacific. She is fully equiped for trips like this one. We only bought her last year.

My son Curtis and I ran a charter schooner for 7 years out of Broken Bay, north of Sydney as well as a sailing school. I am now retired and live with my wife Sue at Ballina on the far north coast of NSW. Originally I was trained as an agricultural scientist/economist.

I regard myself as a practical 'greenie', my scientific & economic training keeps me in check. I also have worked within the Government 'system' and have been close to the decision making process in State & Commonwealth on agricultural policy. I have had first hand experience to not trust government or industry motives with respect to freedom of information! I share Greenpeace's aim to 'bear witness' to the evils of corporate greed and government incompetence as it affects our environment. If we are an embarrassment to them then we have succeeded beyond measure.

I have one grandson and would like to be able to tell him one day that I didn't just watch others and do nothing myself to make his 'planet' just a little bit better.