Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla 2002
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Love of GaiaInigo Wijnen
Inigo Wijnen, 32
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Love of Gaia

Inigo Wijnen

Skipper Inigo Wijnen is no stranger to adventure - in 1993 he sailed single-handedly from the Netherlands to Australia in a Proa catamaran. A 2 year journey which confirmed his love of the sea.

Inigo lives on his yacht with his 3 year old son JJ. They have lived in Hobart for the last year and are currently berthed in Sydney on their way to Brisbane.

He heard about the Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla on the grapevine and was intrigued. As a student in Holland Inigo was very involved in anti-nuclear protests against nuclear power stations and nuclear missiles.

"The world's nuclear industry is running like a car without brakes. It makes me scared for my children that this madness goes on unchecked and our kids will have to live with the consequences when the crash finally happens.

The nuclear industry is not exempt from Murphy's Law -things do go wrong."

"I was in Europe when Chernobyl happened. In high summer all the cows on the farms had to go into the stables for weeks. All the vegetable crops had to be destroyed. Any country in the path of these plutonium ships should really think about how well prepared they are if something goes wrong. The worst thing about shipping plutonium by sea, is that ocean currents will take contamination far and wide."

Inigo's love for the planet is expressed in the name he chose for his yacht - Gaia is the name of the Greek earth goddess. Although Inigo built Love of Gaia in Melbourne 5 years ago, she is registered in Amsterdam because he travels on a Dutch passport.