Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla 2002
Rig Type
JoieLynn Pistoll
Sloop (Cascade 42)
Westerbeke 4-107
Lynn Pistoll

Dennis Johnson and Lynn Pistoll

Lynn Pistoll
Born 1952. While living aboard the Joie in Alaska, fallout from a Chinese nuclear test helped me decide to emigrate from America to the Southern Hemisphere. I sailed to New Zealand in 1981 and now have three sons and a small market consulting practice in Wellington where I continue to indulge in my love for the sea.

I have little regard for governments and companies who develop and use nuclear technologies for weapons and power plants. Eventually, only bad things will come from this, including significant potential for long-term harm to our ecological system, and threat to our, and other species on Earth. I sailed to Moruroa in protest of the French Testing in 1995. I wrote a book about this so the world could learn about the atrocities and exploitation that has occurred there (Moruroa Blues, 1999-2000). I now intent to join the Tasman Flotilla. I hope my involvement will help bring awareness and concern to what is going on in the nuclear power industry.

Dennis Johnson
Born 1944 in Taihape (Gumboot country and far from the sea!) Occupation - Chimney Sweep in the winter and a variety of other occupations (including outdoor recreation instructor) in the summer. Family - two grown up children and partner. Been involved with anti nuclear activities since way back (Campaign half-Million, when there was talk of Nuclear Power stations in New Zealand).

Mostly involved locally in local peace groups, helping to make New Zealand nuclear free. Coordinated the local campaign for MMP and have been involvement in human rights issues - East Timor, etc. Coordinator of the Wellington Moruroa Flotilla against Nuclear Testing. Sailed to Moruroa on "Joie" - completed the whole trip including two visits to the test site at Moruroa.

Reason for doing this trip - I'm old enough to really, really appreciate how bloody wonderful this planet that nurtures us is. I'm also aware how vulnerable it is and it seems totally irrational to fill it with lethal pockets of highly dangerous chemicals that will be festering for thousands of years. I'd like my two kids to think they have a parent who could see at least past his own lifetime.