Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla 2002
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Fio-OkoPascal Bussereau
Pascal and Valerie Bussereau
Pascal Bussereau
Nantes, France

Pascal Bussereau

We left France 4 years ago to start living for ourselves and discovering something other than this race of surplus and share it with our children in order to give them more choices for their future.

The travel has been successful and has helped us open our eyes and ears about how the rest of the world lives.

Pascal and Valerie are French. Pascal has worked mostly in automobile transport and the building of motor homes but has always been a fanatic about sailing. Valerie was a trader. But after the death of her husband, Valerie, along with her two daughters, joined Pascal, an old family friend, even though they had never sailed before.

We decided to try to live a new experience and went onboard Fio-Oko and started sailing. We have sailed through the islands of the Atlantic, Cape Verde, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, French Polynesia and Tonga.

We are taking part in the Nuclear Free Flotilla because our family is very sensitive about nature and that we must find a balance. The unreasonable consumption of humans brings an excess of unnecessary needs which give rise to overindulgence which is contradiction to our earth. Without the help of nature we are nothing, so to preserve it we have to limit our needs to what the earth can tolerate.

The waste of energy is intolerable and we may need to take some risks to make this right. Our family has reacted and we say no!!

Do not exceed the bounds, which plunge us into the point of no return.

Pascal, Valerie, Aurelie, Pierre and Marlene