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End of First Round:

The Atlantic Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla was in Cherbourg Harbour when the Pacific Pintail full with 140 kilos of plutonium arrived. A pause sign in our campaign. We spent the whole night, 7 flotilla boats in total turning and getting around an area delimited by a French prefectorial injunction accompanied by a summary action set by AREVA and the cargos freighter.

Thus, we are all witnesses of a French company who is able to buy its fellow-countrymen silence for the modest sum of 75 000 euros for each noticed offence?It is therefore the first pollution done by the nuclear industry, i.e. democracy and freedom of demonstrating in danger and a certain form of spiritual corruption...

Thus, proof is shown that nuclear energy implies the setting up of large-scale police and military operation, with shipping commando units, French police forces, members of the French riot Police (CRS), Branch of the French police force dealing with Political insecurity (French RG- Renseignements G?n?raux) among many others, all dressed all in black on board the cargos. All this showing again that nuclear energy and industry are dangerous and drive our country, which is a very "police" one for the occasion, into an age of industrial insecurity due to local political authorities who are still unaware and dazzled by the godsend presented by AREVA?.

To show our opposition to contempt, lie, cupidity and pride, the Flotilla was set up, with around 70 members today, the exact number will be determined within a few days now. We were 18 of them in Brest on 26 september, 9 in Cherbourg before Eug?ne Riguidel arrest on board the "Rieuse" boat and then 7, all determined to stay up to the end, so as to make citizens aware of such an atrocity consisting in maritime and road transports of such dangerous materials for Humanity, and moreover regardless of any preliminary concertation...

We were there as simple watchfull citizens, there for and in the name of all those who had to suffer from such act of folly, for Tchernobyl victims, for all those who were "imprudently" exposed during French military tests, for all those who will be close by these convoys and we are there to call for a real debate on Energy, so as to cease this headlong rush, like a sorcerer's apprentice run drove mad by the lure of profit.

Before reporting a more comprehensive assessment, I would like to thank all the Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla members. I would like to salute also New Zealand, Ireland and US people and say everybody that our figth is still going on here in France with the Cherbourg, Brest, Caen and Dunkerque flotillas.

Let's carry on this way!

Philippe Mar?chal