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25-11-03 Fret Moselle due in Cherbourg on December 6

The Fret Moselle is due to arrive in Cherbourg on December 6, after 40 days at sea from Sydney around Cape Good Hope with a cargo of spend nuclear fuel rods.

The 2001 Antigua flagged vessel is featured in the 2002 annual report of Cogema Logistics and is operated by Harren & Partner, a German shipping operator based in Bremen for Louis Dreyfus Armateur, a French shipping company.

Harren has a partnership with the Poulsen Group in Korsør/Denmark in a joint venture K/S Combi Lift. This company specialises in nuclear cargo and operates three INF 2 vessels, Fret Moselle, Panthera and Pancaldo.

INF 2 ships are certified to carry irradiated nuclear fuel or high-level radioactive wastes with an aggregate activity less than 2 x 106 TBq and ships which are certified to carry plutonium with an aggregate activity less than 2 x 105 TBq.

J. Poulsen also operates the Marsus, a vessel known to have carried nuclear cargo for the US Department of Energy.

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Fret Moselle

8-11-03 Fret Moselle in Indian Ocean

After much speculation it was revealed today that the Fret Moselle is in the Indian Ocean on the Cape Good Hope route to Cherbourg.

Fears that the ship would sail the Cape Horn route had caused a stir in Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

The Cape Horn nuclear free flotilla was about to be activated when, in a direct communication by Argentinean authorities, the captain of the Fret Moselle disclosed its position on Nov 6 at 41S close to Isle St Paul.